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    BodPod Assessment


    Body Composition Assessment

    30 minute assessment - $125 (initial) / $90 (follow-up)

    The body is made up of various parts – fat tissue, muscle tissue, bones, connective tissues, water, etc. Your unique body composition can affect many facets of your health and fitness from disease risk to physical function and athletic performance. Body composition analysis with the Bod Pod is the gold standard for providing a simple, accurate, and useful method for evaluating fat mass and fat-free mass.


    See example video of test HERE and our consent form HERE

    Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Assessment

    Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR):

    Caloric Expenditure & Metabolic Assessment

    1 hour assessment - $200 (canopy) / $300 (chamber)

    An individualized measurement of the amount of calories you expend per day at rest. During the test, we measure resting energy expenditure and estimate total energy expended per day. You receive information about your resting oxygen consumption (O2), resting energy expenditure (REE) in kcals/day, and whether you are primarily burning fat or carbohydrates.


    We offer 2 modes of testing

    Canopy: measurement of the energy burned at rest while awake and not moving, speaking, or talking with overhead canopy

    [pictured at left]

    RMR Chamber: gold standard measurement of energy burned at rest while awake; can also measure energy used to digest food (thermic effect of food) in completely sealed room


    Stay tuned: video of our testing coming soon. See our consent form HERE

    Nutrition & Physical Activity Counseling

    Lifestyle Consultation:

    1 hour assessment - $200 (initial) / $100 (follow-up)

    Counseling and review of dietary, physical activity, and clinical/wellness data with registered dietitians/exercise physiologists


    Stay tuned: video of our testing coming soon.

    24 Hour Metabolic Chamber

    24 hour Metabolic Chamber:

    Total Energy Expenditure (TEE)

    24 hour assessment - $2,200

    An individualized gold standard measurement of energy during rest, sleeping, exercise, eating, and performing activities of daily life over a single day. It can provide vital information that can be used to create a specific and personalized program for weight loss, athletic performance, or general health.


    Stay tuned: video of our testing coming soon, also featured on Good Morning America.


    See our consent form HERE

    VO2 Max Testing

    VO2 Maximal Testing:

    Cardiorespiratory Fitness

    1 hour assessment - $450

    This exercise test represents the maximal rate at which your body can consume oxygen for physical work and is considered the best measure of aerobic fitness. Aerobic fitness reflects the ability of your heart, lungs, and blood to deliver oxygen to your working muscles during an exercise bout. Additionally, it reflects the ability of your working muscles to use that oxygen to support maximal exercise. Aerobic fitness is used to assess health status and determine one’s risk of chronic disease(s).


    This testing can be done on the treadmill or stationary bicycle ergometer


    Safe for all populations with physician clearance and supervision


    Stay tuned: video of our testing coming soon.


    The following forms are required prior to testing: physician clearance & referral and consent form

    FatMax Protocol

    FatMax Protocol:

    Substrate Utilization Testing

    1 hour assessment - $450

    The FatMax protocol, developed by Aster Jeukendrup in 2002, is a multistage, graded exercise test designed to measure fat oxidation at different exercise intensities ranging from very light to near-maximal or maximal effort. From this assessment, you will obtain information about the FatMax and FatMin, which are the intensities at which fat oxidation is at its highest and its lowest, respectively. We will be able to formulate an individualized report of which exercise range you burn fat optimally.


    Stay tuned: video of our testing coming soon.

    Submaximal Exercise Testing

    Submaximal Testing:

    Cardiorespiratory Fitness

    1 hour assessment - $350

    This exercise test is often used to estimate VO2Max by utilizing established prediction equations for various protocols. Such equations consider the heart rate response to one or more submaximal work rates. Submaximal exercise testing is the most valid and reliable method for predicting cardiorespiratory fitness when done in a laboratory setting where work rate can be accurately measured. Additionally, these tests can provide information about the individual’s functional response to exercise through measurements of heart rate, blood pressure, rating of perceived exertion, and other objective and subjective indices.


    Safe for all populations


    Stay tuned: video of our testing coming soon.

    Continuous Work Rate Exercise

    Continuous Work Rate Exercise (CWRE):

    Substrate Utilization Testing

    1 hour assessment - $350

    This test is an endurance protocol (~45min - 60 min) which allows you to better understand how well your body uses both fat and carbohydrates for energy during exercise. This can be used to determine your metabolic health.


    Stay tuned: video of our testing coming soon.

    Nutrition & Physical Activity Counseling

    Weight Loss Management and Hormonal Assessment

    1 hour assessment - $700

    Counseling with well-known physicians specializing in obesity, metabolism, and hormone health. You will better understand your individual metabolic profile, including medical causes of weight gain and difficulty with weight loss. We will help you set realistic and achievable goals and expectations based on your personal profile; and we will provide both medical and non-medical treatment options.


    Stay tuned: video of our testing coming soon.

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