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Welcome to the PhysioLab Blog!

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Welcome to our blog!

Hello all, and Happy Monday!

We are the staff at the Mount Sinai PhysioLab, and we want to welcome you to our brand new blog! We would like to take this opportunity to explain a little about the lab, our mission, services, and our goals for the future.

Our Background and History

The PhysioLab was created in 2016, out of a realization that our research grade tools and assessments could also be used for promoting and achieving personalized health and wellness goals with all individuals, from those seeking to start their fitness journey to those who are elite level athletes. Further, our team of clinical dietitians and exercise physiologists identified the need to combine these services with evidence-based, individualized consultations to prevent and treat disease with lifestyle interventions.

We are based out of the Mount Sinai, St. Luke’s Hospital’s Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism, where we have conducted research projects for the last few decades. Now, this research comes to life with daily client interactions and interventions to help you reach your personal health, wellness, and fitness goals!

PhysioLab Mission:

We utilize data-driven, evidence-based fitness, metabolic, body composition, and lifestyle assessments to better understand clients’ personalized health and wellness goals and needs.


Our Approach

At the PhysioLab, we provide comprehensive services to give a complete picture of your health, fitness, and wellness. These services include body composition analysis, metabolic rate assessment, fitness testing, dietary analysis, and lifestyle assessment.

Why We're Different

We provide a wide variety of tests using state-of-the-art equipment, tools and techniques—all administered by expert practitioners in medicine, nutrition and exercise physiology—to personalize your assessments and align our findings with the latest advances in research and practice.

What We Offer

At the PhysioLab, you can be assessed for one or multiple of the assessments below:

  • BodPod Body Composition: fat mass (% and total) + fat free mass (% and total)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate: calories burned in a day, carbohydrate use, and fat use
  • Comprehensive Lifestyle Consultation: diet, exercise, sleep, and stress patterns
  • 24 Hour Energy Expenditure: sleep, exercise, rest, and general activities' energy use
  • VO2max Fitness Test: aerobic fitness (cycle or treadmill)
  • FatMax Exercise Testing: optimal fat burning zone

How to Schedule

For more information on each assessment, visit the “Our Services” tab on our website. You can also book an appointment directly from the website or right below!

Our Blog

We will be using this forum to describe each of the tests in greater detail, comparing them to other assessments, and sharing the relevant outcomes you may seek from these assessments.

Further, we will provide weekly blog posts on healthful recipes for fueling your workouts and your daily life, busting nutrition and fitness myths, and sharing the latest and greatest advances in research and expert opinions on a variety of topics!

Social Media

Keep an eye out for our brand new social media channels, using the handle @nycphysiolab. Find us at the links below!

We look forward to exciting adventures ahead, and we thank you for joining us on the ride! Have a happy and healthy week ahead!

With well wishes,

The PhysioLab Team

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